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Unvaccinated Can’t Believe Unvaccinated Are Being Blamed For Unvaccinated Making Up Majority Of Hospital Cases

THE 300,000 people in the country who remain unvaccinated are struggling to understand how anyone could come to the conclusion that they should shoulder any of the blame for unvaccinated people making up the majority of ICU cases, WWN has learned. Fully agreeing that having a HSE seemingly made entirely out of wet tissue and… Read more » Waterford Whispers News…

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Lick-Arse Cyclist Stops At Red Lights

WATERFORD cyclist Eamon O’Brian may adhere to the rules of the road and do his best to ensure a safe journey for himself and his fellow road users, but he isn’t about to win any popularity contests among the greater cycling community any time soon, WWN can report. “Well if it isn’t Mr. ‘I’m too… Read more » Waterford Whispers News…

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