“Homophobic Assaults Are The Lowest Of The Low” Posts Old Bully From School On Instagram

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STILL recovering from the adrenaline rush that is having her stirring evisceration of homophobic bullying receive 71 likes on her Instagram, old school bully Catriona Danahan is downplaying her heroic part in making the world a safer, more tolerable place.

“I dunno, it just came to me, and I posted it,” said Danahan who mercilessly bullied Caoimhe Malley every single day of their secondary school education together for the crime of having a short haircut.

“An innocent kid just trying to be themselves, targeted by disgusting homophobes,” Danahan’s post said referring to a viral video doing the rounds but failing to make mention of the fact from the age of 13-to-18 she terrorised Malley with daily taunts of ‘dyke’.

“When they go low, you go high – that’s the motto I live by but it’s hard knowing no matter how much supportive people like me do there’s always horrible people out there doing horrible things like picking on a teenager for being their beautiful, unique selves,” the post continued.

The breakneck speed at which Danahan’s post was accumulating likes was abruptly halted after Malley commented ‘aren’t you the same person who constantly psychically pushed me out of the locker rooms because you didn’t want a “dirty lesbian” in the same changing room as you?’

The comment later prompted Danahan to share an inspirational quote on her Instagram story which touched upon the theme of ‘haters trying to dull her spark’.

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