Man Taking In Neighbour’s Delivery Imagines This What Family Taking In Refugees Feel Like

IN WHAT is being described as an unabashedly selfless act, local man Noel Creenan signed off on a package for his neighbour who wasn’t in and is giving the package a safe haven until his neighbour arrives home from work.

Sitting down to talk to WWN in his sitting room, Noel admits he still can’t quite process the incident.

“I just reacted with humanity at the end of the day,” Noel explained, “but I didn’t expect to feel so fulfilled by the act and moved. I feel high or something. Is this what families taking in refugees feel like?”

The incident is all the more remarkable when you consider Noel’s usual working from home behaviour.

“I never answer the door, but today was weird, there was something in the air. I saw the delivery lad come up the drive and I 100% knew I didn’t order anything. Normally I’d be talking to myself in my head calling him a prick for even daring to ring, but it was like I blacked out; next thing I know I’m signing for the thing on those shit digital screens that make your signature look like it was done mid-sneeze on a pogo stick”.

While Noel didn’t call himself a hero for selflessly taking in a delivery package orphan, his noble compassion cannot be denied.

“I’ve done my act of incredible empathy, and while I wouldn’t directly compare it with those who give over their houses to refugees, I can’t ignore the horrors that would have potentially befallen this cardboard box had I not stepped up,” said a tearful Noel, drifting off and imagining rain drops landing on the package had it been left out in the elements.

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