Eeesh! Local Man Just Dropped A Hard ‘Bogger’ Into The Conversation

A LUNCHTIME meet-up among four Waterford friends just got awkward as hell after late-to-the-party Derek Hampton apologised for not being on time due to the slow pace of ‘some bogger on a bicycle’ ahead of him.

“I was stuck behind him for ages! Anyways, what are we all having?” asked Hampton, not noticing that the air had clearly gone out of the room as his friends winced at his statement, before finally being broken by Aine Coolin.

“Ehm, Derek, I think that, you know, I’m not sure they like to be called that,” said 25-year-old Coolin, putting her sandwich down. “Rural native; I think is the preferred term these days?”

Hampton, sensing his pals discomfort, went into damage-limitation mode by laughing it off and stressing that he only said ‘bogger’ in jest, without any malice behind it.

“No, dude, that was a hard bogger you just dropped,” countered long-time friend Martin Hanlon, before opening up further, “and it might surprise you to know, that I’m part ‘bogger’, as you put it – my dad is from Portlaw”.

Hampton effusively apologised for his embarrassing gaffe, and made promises to curtail his offensive language going forward.

“Now where’s that townie prick with my goats cheese salad,” he continued, looking around for the waiter.

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