Government Will Look Into Claim ‘Ireland Least Prepared For Winter Gas Crisis’ In March Next Year

WARNINGS from experts that Ireland is ill-prepared for a potential energy shortage in winter is being taken very seriously by the government who are poised to sanction swift action, WWN can reveal.

“We take all expert views seriously and my department is intent on assessing such scenarios for winter 2022, a paper will be prepared and duly disseminated in March 2023,” said Eamon Ryan in response to warnings from the Energy and Climate Action Committee of The Irish Academy of Engineering.

With the entire EU bloc cutting their energy consumption by 15% starting tomorrow, now has never been a better time to explore to knock on effects winter demand will have on Ireland, a country that is currently not stockpiling any gas.

“Yes demand and price is low now so it would make sense to stockpile but what if the price was even lower March 2023, we’d only be kicking ourselves for not waiting ’til then,” added Ryan.

Failure to act now could see the gas shortage situation may become so grave that Guinness drinking Irish men will be asked to ‘step up’ to create emissions through increased flatulence.

“Waiting ’til March next year to see how stockpiling went for all the other nations will give us the ability to achieve a more well-rounded approach to this coming winter, but to be honest skyrocketing prices in winter for the less well off is not what keeps me up at night, it’s those poor data centres – which is why I’m working on a plan to divert electricity from homes to centres when they most need it,” concluded Ryan.

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